Suburbia Furniture Sdn. Bhd. is a company specialized in manufacturing sofas.
We, together with our global network of resellers, cater to clients spanning Asia,
Europe and the United States of America.

We are self-contained, equipped with our own manufacturing factory in China and
a sales office in Malaysia. With a team of dedicated employees and skilled
craftsmen, we have been committed to delivering unparalleled quality goods to our
customers, for more than 10 years.

The core value of the company is to create excellent sofas, thus adding aesthetic
value and true comfort to the global society. Our products feature comfort, softness
and a modern look, tailored to suit homes all over the world.

Our programmes of research and development conducted across the globe,
ensure that our products are tailored to the taste of the international market. It is
the mission of our product development unit to design and create sofas which
improve the lifestyle of our customers, all across the world.

At Suburbia, our products are meticulously crafted and made to look and feel truly
unique - there are no two pieces alike. Each piece is hand-made with care,
showing off its characteristic leather veins, thereby enhancing its own natural

A Suburbia sofa is a pride to have, in every home.

On the business aspect, we aim to keep our prices low so as to create value and
margin to our network of resellers.
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